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I can't show you my house yet, but I can show you a few things I bought to go in my house.

I've decided to go with a bit of an "old Hollywood" feel in my bedroom, and to this end I've purchased the following photos:

This is a picture of Irene Castle, a famous ballroom dancer from the early 1900s. I saw a picture of her in the National Portrait Gallery at the NALP reception last week that I fell in love with, and although I couldn't find that particular photo, I saw this one and knew I needed to have it. I love the action of the shot.

These are small vintage photos of three silent movie actresses: Marian Nixon, Margaret Gibson, and Maude Fealy. I didn't know of any of the actresses before buying the pictures - they were suggested in related results when I was looking for pictures of Irene Castle on eBay, and they all had faces that interested me in some way. If you read any bio, read Margaret Gibson's - I can't believe her story hasn't been made into a movie yet. I'm going to frame these and put them on my dresser.

The bellydancer should be self-explanatory, right?

Another silent film actress, Blanche Sweet. This one will likely go in my living room. I loved the Art Deco feel of it.

I also plan on getting a couple of vintage British Rail and/or London Underground posters. I want this one of Blackpool for my bathroom. I'm hoping someone gets it for me as a housewarming present. *fingers crossed*

If you're wondering, what about Peter and Carl? - don't worry :-) I of course have framed photos of me and Carlos to go on my shelves, and I've framed my Peter tickets to go in the guest bedroom. My Libs second album poster might go in there as well. I have to look at the wall space.
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